Wednesday, October 31, 2018

How to Choose Your Meat Grinder?

Do you go home-made and dream of making yourself pies, minced meat, chopped steaks, sausages? The indispensable tool: the meat grinder . The question: how to choose your meat grinder? Here is our guide! At first glance, this kitchen utensil is actually a real ally in your culinary preparation. Just ask yourself some good questions to make the right choice!

Meat grinder: manual or electric?
To choose your meat grinder, everything will depend on the amount of meat to chop , the frequency and time to devote to it. Logically, a manual meat grinder will be slower (and more physical to use!).

With an electric meat grinder , just press a button and off you go. Ideal for large families or for those who expect a large volume of pâtés, terrines, chopped steaks and other homemade preparations. However, this comfort of use at a higher price than that of a manual meat grinder, but the electric meat grinder also has greater power.

If you opt for the latter, choose it preferably cast iron for better hygiene. In order to guarantee a better stability and ensure a safe level of use, we recommend fastening with a clamp.

Choosing your meat grinder: the characteristics
- Power : Generally between 250 W and 1600 W, this is the essential element to take into account when buying your electric chopper. Indeed, it will be determining the amount of minced meat per hour and therefore your efficiency. On the other hand, the more powerful it will be, the more its consumption of electricity will be important.

- Grille diameter : choose a model with several grinder grids available. You can chop more or less finely, according to your needs and your kitchen desires of the moment!

- Additional functions : the little extra that can make the difference! Backwards possible, accessories for making kebbe, grater for vegetables, adapter to make sausages ... Look well what is proposed in addition.

Whatever your choice of final device, do not forget to read the instructions for use of your meat grinder for easy use!

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