Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Green Recovery Now Offers Total Solutions in Led Lighting for Retail, Shops and Offices

Led lighting in your clothing store, shoe store or office building?

Green Recovery has the solution for you! We have years of experience with Led lighting and solar panels and have been busy for some time with testing professional LED lighting. We have now provided many offices, apartment buildings, clothing stores and other retail with energy-efficient LED lighting. Green Recovery takes a completely different approach than other providers.

We can draw up a complete lighting plan for you in which we look at which type of lamps, what power and how many lamps must be installed per room in order to obtain the desired number of lux. After an introductory meeting, we can calculate this for you free of charge and completely free of charge. After the calculation we will send you a competitive quotation with the costs per type of lamp specified. If you are considering doing business with us, we will place a test stand in your office, shop or retail store. This is done entirely free of obligation and in this way you can see which color temperature, luminaire and light intensity you find best suited to the appearance of your company or store.

Green Recovery imports almost all LED lighting itself. We have a great deal of experience with producers and do our own checks on the lighting, with special wishes from the customer we will always send samples in so that we can quickly switch with the customer. We have a constant supply of products so that we can deliver the products to the customer very quickly. Whether it is Led strip, special window spots, Led downlights or waterproof ground spots we can help you and deliver at competitive prices.

If we can be of service to you, you can visit our showroom in Den Dolder or make an appointment. We would love to look at your store or business premises and would like to introduce ourselves to you.

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