Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Stats, Videos and ‘sheva’: Wyscout Meets Ukraine’s Taras Stepanenko

We are in the lobby of the Savoia Hotel in Genoa, Italy. We are a few hours ahead of the friendly match between the Azzurri and Ukraine (ended with a 1-1 draw) and we’re waiting to meet Shakhtar Donetsk’s central midfielder Taras Stepanenko. When he meets us in the baroque hall of the hotel – near Genoa’s city center, not so far away from Wyscout’s headquarters in Chiavari – he welcomes us with a smile. We had a nice chat with him, talking about stats, video and the privilege to be coached by Andriy Shevchenko. Here’s what he told us.

Hi Taras, it’s a pleasure to have a chat with you. Can you please tell us how does it fell for a footballer to play for his own country – in your case representing Ukraine – and also how’s to be coached by a champion like Andriy Shevchenko?
For me, it’s an honor and pride to play for my national team and I’m very lucky, as I’ve been playing for Ukraine in the last 7 or 8 years. And every time I want to improve myself, to improve our goals and to achieve all of them. I believe it’s important to have goals in a sports career and mine is to play in the European Championship and the World Cup. And now that we have Shevchenko as coach of the national team, he has improved our level and our game. We play more cohesively, we play better and we have better results.

 Speaking about goals, Nations League first and then Euro 2020?
Yes, of course, we want to win our group in this stage of the Nations League tournament, and then think about qualifying for the next European Championship in 2020.

As Italians, we know ‘Sheva’ as a footballer, especially because of his many years in Italy with AC Milan. Can you tell us something about his as a coach? Which kind of coach is he?
He is a young coach but he tries to pass his experience as a footballer player down to us. And he’s very ambitious. Of course, he has won a lot of trophies in his career and he tries to help us achieve our goals. I’m sure in the future we will be proud of him. It’s also important to have a great staff, with people like Mauro Tassotti and Andrea Maldera, that spent a lot of time working at big clubs. They have a lot of experience and they can help us in improving our game.

For footballers, technology has become more and more important year after year. Do you love to watch your clips after a game or study your opponents before playing against them?
Of course, today technology is so important. You can have all the information about your opponents, how he plays and how his team plays. And that’s why I watch videos all the time, and not only about my opponents but also about players in my same position. That’s why I use Wyscout.

How to Choose Your Walking Stick

Are you one to lift your nose on the walking sticks? For many, it is a bulky accessory, which is used only to feel the ground. While it is not a tool that everyone will like, using walking sticks has many physical advantages, especially in long-haul rides where we carry all our equipment on our backs. .  

Why use walking sticks?
For all those who have had knee pain after a day walking trails, using walking sticks can significantly reduce the impact and loads on the joints. This is a significant aspect, especially if you wear a heavy bag and during descents that can be stressful for the legs.

When you are on difficult terrain or when you have to overcome obstacles, using walking sticks also gives you greater stability and balance. 

Convinced? Before you start buying walking sticks, it is important to know what kind of activity you will use, because there are sticks adapted to different disciplines, such as hiking or Nordic walking. In addition, your choice will be strongly influenced by the frequency and intensity of your excursions. 


You have to pay particular attention to the choice of handles in order to have a good time because you will always have them in your hands. Bad handles could quickly make you blisters.

The plastic ones are the least comfortable and make you sweat. However, they are durable, durable and affordable. They will do the trick for casual walkers looking for sticks that support them in relatively easy trails.

Cork or foam handles are preferable if you use your sticks more intensively or if you walk more difficult trails. The choice between these two options depends largely on your personal preferences. The cork handles offer a strong grip and are ideal for those who tend to have sweaty hands during exercise because they breathe well. Foam handles, even if they are less durable, provide greater comfort and your hands will not slip when walking. 

The straps

The strap attached to the stick is worn around the wrists. The shape of it varies according to the activity to which the stick is intended. Thus, Nordic walking they include a particular opening for the thumb to let go and catch the baton easily. 

In hiking, the strap takes the appearance of a simple strap to put around the wrist. Despite their innocuous appearance, the straps are useful not to lose their poles, but especially to support the wrists throughout the exercise. The wider the straps, the greater the support and some are even padded to increase comfort.

Metal Detection | How to detech Metal | Unique ways of Metal Detection

Detection or prospecting is practiced from 7 to 77 years old, whatever your region or your sex. It is a universal hobby very pleasant to practice alone, between friends or family. The purpose of this site and the association is also to help you find detection partners . We will show you that detection allows you to cultivate your body and mind while staying in touch with nature.

The number of prospectors, new or established, can be estimated at about 50,000, based on estimates based on sales of metal detectors of all calibres. In the customary reality, it can be said that most of these electromagnetic tools sleep deeply in the bottom of closets, even attics, "since it happens very rarely to meet a follower of our frying pan"!

There are some very characteristic types of electromagnetic detection of metals: prospecting in fields, through woods and undergrowth, along meadows, on sandy beaches, in cellars and underground, and even under water ...

90% of the prospectors make, of the detection, a pleasant hobby. However, no very official law prohibits or allows this behavior, which is however frequent. This is all the ambiguity of this situation. I wish you all to make beautiful discoveries at the bend of a path, on all fours in brambles, or under the sun in the open field. If you come home empty-handed, as the good Fanny uses it most often, remember that the most important thing is to have a good breath of fresh air!

What is found in detection?

There is a lot of metal waste lost during centuries of occupation or spreading. What you will realize after a few outings, is that our basement is a real trash and what to say of what is under water. That's why we advise you to pick up your trash, re-fill holes, you will help to help mother nature and give a good picture of our hobby. Since some metals are very high (copper), we advise you to keep bushings and other cuddly toys for each year to visit the scrap dealer. This will pay the worst your batteries at best a new drive see a new detector for the fiercest.

We have 3000 years of metal history in France, so it is very rare to come back from an exit without seeing several coins. There are many coins of the 17-18th century copper type "double tournois", the currency serfs of the time. Then, modern coins in aluminum or bronze-aluminum to see cupronickel, not to mention our "old francs" are quite common. The euros, because of their composition, deteriorate very quickly in the ground and especially to the sea. There are also many bronze 19th century Napoleon III type coins. Finally, it is not uncommon to find ancient pieces, ie Roman or Gallic as the occupation and the history of Gaul was rich.

We also exhume a lot of everyday objects: buttons, thimbles, medals, sinkers, buckles, taps, new or old jewelry (capsulae, fibula ...). These objects have "a soul". detection is the only "time machine". To tell yourself that a pimple was lost by a veteran of the Napoleonic wars unscathed from the front or that the last person to have touched a ring was Roman gets an indescribable adrenaline rush. Who has not dreamed of taking himself for Indianna Jones. All these emotions, a detector will provide them.

In some areas there are also many military objects more or less harmless to see dangerous especially if it is explosives. Be careful, even a rusty shell or a simple bullet can be dangerous. We are talking about "militaria" prospection. Be careful if you encounter this kind of object please see here , caution is in order!

If you find objects you do not know, put them on the forum and we will identify them in a few minutes.

What do I need to detect?

First you need a detector. Refer to the shopping tips page to avoid common scams on the internet and unfortunately at most metal detector vendors.

You will then need a solid extraction tool (shovel or piochon depending on your region), a 1/25000 IGN hiking map that can be found everywhere and even in the supermarket, batteries (always provide a rescue game especially if you use rechargeable batteries), an outfit and walking shoes (uncocked!) see a GPS. The helmet is essential to not miss any small noise, not to disturb the fauna (and the hunters!) And to remain discreet. Mosquito / repellent tick is very useful especially in forest.

You're ready for the adventure!

How to identify and clean my finds?

To identify your finds you have 3 sources:

- The detection magazine heading numismatic, prospecting or identification

- The detection forum identification section

- Specialized numismatic books .

In terms of cleaning, the goal is not to damage or scrub your findings especially if they have a homogeneous patina. The color of the oxidation layer (the famous patina) depends on metals. The patina is green for bronze but may be black or brown (medal patina). A piece in the water has no patina just like gold by definition stainless. If you remove this layer you irreparably damage your find. The best is to ask advice on cleaning forum and invest in a cleaning kit(iron fiber pen ...). Avoid chemical cleaning (mirror, acids ...) or home-made baths (vinegar, lemon) ... better "leave the room in its own juice" leaving it to clean later rather than damage it for lack of time / skills. To help you, the forum and there just like our cleaning videos .

Finally we strongly advise you to buy a detection DVD to familiarize you in video with this wonderful and fascinating hobby which involves a thousand facets!

How to Choose Your Meat Grinder?

Do you go home-made and dream of making yourself pies, minced meat, chopped steaks, sausages? The indispensable tool: the meat grinder . The question: how to choose your meat grinder? Here is our guide! At first glance, this kitchen utensil is actually a real ally in your culinary preparation. Just ask yourself some good questions to make the right choice!

Meat grinder: manual or electric?
To choose your meat grinder, everything will depend on the amount of meat to chop , the frequency and time to devote to it. Logically, a manual meat grinder will be slower (and more physical to use!).

With an electric meat grinder , just press a button and off you go. Ideal for large families or for those who expect a large volume of pâtés, terrines, chopped steaks and other homemade preparations. However, this comfort of use at a higher price than that of a manual meat grinder, but the electric meat grinder also has greater power.

If you opt for the latter, choose it preferably cast iron for better hygiene. In order to guarantee a better stability and ensure a safe level of use, we recommend fastening with a clamp.

Choosing your meat grinder: the characteristics
- Power : Generally between 250 W and 1600 W, this is the essential element to take into account when buying your electric chopper. Indeed, it will be determining the amount of minced meat per hour and therefore your efficiency. On the other hand, the more powerful it will be, the more its consumption of electricity will be important.

- Grille diameter : choose a model with several grinder grids available. You can chop more or less finely, according to your needs and your kitchen desires of the moment!

- Additional functions : the little extra that can make the difference! Backwards possible, accessories for making kebbe, grater for vegetables, adapter to make sausages ... Look well what is proposed in addition.

Whatever your choice of final device, do not forget to read the instructions for use of your meat grinder for easy use!

Green Recovery Now Offers Total Solutions in Led Lighting for Retail, Shops and Offices

Led lighting in your clothing store, shoe store or office building?

Green Recovery has the solution for you! We have years of experience with Led lighting and solar panels and have been busy for some time with testing professional LED lighting. We have now provided many offices, apartment buildings, clothing stores and other retail with energy-efficient LED lighting. Green Recovery takes a completely different approach than other providers.

We can draw up a complete lighting plan for you in which we look at which type of lamps, what power and how many lamps must be installed per room in order to obtain the desired number of lux. After an introductory meeting, we can calculate this for you free of charge and completely free of charge. After the calculation we will send you a competitive quotation with the costs per type of lamp specified. If you are considering doing business with us, we will place a test stand in your office, shop or retail store. This is done entirely free of obligation and in this way you can see which color temperature, luminaire and light intensity you find best suited to the appearance of your company or store.

Green Recovery imports almost all LED lighting itself. We have a great deal of experience with producers and do our own checks on the lighting, with special wishes from the customer we will always send samples in so that we can quickly switch with the customer. We have a constant supply of products so that we can deliver the products to the customer very quickly. Whether it is Led strip, special window spots, Led downlights or waterproof ground spots we can help you and deliver at competitive prices.

If we can be of service to you, you can visit our showroom in Den Dolder or make an appointment. We would love to look at your store or business premises and would like to introduce ourselves to you.

Solar Panel Calculator From Green Recovery

Knowing whether your roof is suitable for solar panels? With the solar panel calculator from Green Recovery, you will soon find out.

We can well imagine that it is difficult for you to determine whether your roof is suitable for solar panels and how many would fit. From experience, we know that most consumers do not know the dimensions of a solar panel and then it becomes difficult to calculate how many panels can be placed on the roof. Also, matters such as location are of crucial importance for the choice to choose solar energy, not every roof is suitable for solar panels because the location is not good.

If you fill in the solar panel calculator with us, you will quickly receive an indicative calculation of the number of panels that can be placed on the roof and what your yield in kWh and your savings in euros will be on your energy bill on an annual basis. If desired, we can send you an indicative quote where you can opt for a separate system with all the components you install yourself or a system that we measure, install and commission from AZ.

If you encounter problems or have any questions when filling in the solar panel calculator, you can always call or email us. We also have an information center in the middle of the Netherlands where we can show you everything in the field of solar energy and LED lighting.

The information that you provide to us remains internal and will not be passed on to third parties such as the many solar panel tender sites that you find on the internet today. We will contact you in the first instance by e-mail and in good consultation, we will contact you by phone to schedule an appointment.

Old Bee Can Turn Back Time and Become Younger

The brain of older bees becomes young again when they take on the task that actually belongs to younger bees. Scientists have discovered that.

Previous research had already shown that bees remained young as long as they looked after the young bees. But as soon as they leave the nest and start looking for food, they quickly become old. Already after two weeks, their wings are worn, their hairs fall out and their brains function less well.

The researchers found that particularly interesting. "We wanted to find out how flexible that aging process was, so we asked ourselves the question:" What would happen if we let the bees seeking food take care of the young bees again? ", Says researcher Gro Amdam.

The researchers got the food-seeking bees to fly out and then removed the caretakers of the young bees from the nest. As soon as the old bees returned home, some could not help but take care of the boy again. The rest of the older bees continued to search for food. After ten days, fifty percent of the old bees who looked after the boy turned out to be considerably better able to learn new things.

But it did not stop there. The researchers also studied the proteins in the bees' brain. And they discovered that two proteins, in particular, had changed a lot in the brain of the bees who were caring for young people. It is the protein Prx6: a protein that we humans have and that protects us against dementia. And a second protein that prevents other proteins from being damaged.

By forcing bees to perform a task that does not really fit their age, they become younger, as it were. Their work changes the molecular structure of their brain, allowing the bees to keep the aging process at bay.
And that is also very interesting for us people. "Perhaps social interventions - changing the way you deal with your environment - can help us keep our brains younger. Since the proteins studied are the same as the proteins of bees, these proteins may also spontaneously respond to a specific social experience. "Further research should show whether the effect now observed in bees also applies to humans.